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Since 2013, our Acorn Trading System has produced exceptionally high returns for clients.
We are devoted currency experts that manage risk and portfolio capital. Our systems are fully automated and customisable.
What is Acorn?
Acorn searches the market for price inefficiencies and uses a purely mathematical approach based on the view that volatility in major currencies can be captured as a source of reward, rather than just risk for investors.
The system has been in use since 2013 with great success. From 2016 the system was fully automated thereby able to cover all major currencies, 24×5 so never missing an opportunity versus manual trading.
This approach to finding market opportunities is validated in our monthly, quarterly & yearly returns – low risk, high return on capital.
The system is not a high frequency or a scalping system which by nature are high on transaction costs. We maintain a low risk approach to all trades and look to return between 3 ~ 5% each trading month. With the power of compounding those results over several months, quarters or years becomes a medium term way for sizable wealth creation.
With our core principles centering on honesty and transparency, our trading system is traded using our own money, stop losses are always used with capital protection forefront of any new trade.
Join our verified and audited service and start building positive returns from the financial markets.
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