Macron Holds Final Rally, Pledges Fairer Society

The Latest on France’s presidential election

French centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron has held his last campaign rally before Sunday’s presidential runoff in southwestern France, calling on voters from the left and the right to choose his reformist, pro-European platform.

Macron promised to “give strength back to the country” and “build a more efficient and fair society,” addressing the crowd from an open-air stage in the central plaza of the town of Albi.

One day after his crucial televised debate with far-right Marine Le Pen, Macron said that showed his rival’s plan “doesn’t go anywhere” and “has no proposal for our country.”

He encouraged voters who chose Socialist Benoit Hamon, far-left Jean-Luc Melenchon or conservative Francois Fillon in the first round to make in the second round “the choice of hope, of future” and to reject Le Pen’s “authoritarian, anti-European, nationalist project.”