If it ain’t broke…

Stay in Queue

…don’t fix it.

Just a quick post and one of our favorite discussion points here at STG – market psychology. I will save you the usual buzzwords and phases describing the topic, thousands of articles have been written on the subject.

However, one item does always standout – “if it ain’t broke… don’t fix it” and by that I am referring to your system. Your plan. Your rules. Whether that be entries, exits and risk allocation. You have one, and sticking to it will likely be the make or break of your trading account and subsequent success.

This short video shows where (in our) opinion traders go wrong. Say 5x trades are winners, 3x are small losses they go and modify their system. We say don’t. If you are taking 3x small losses, yet the 5x other trades are winners and pay off the small losses (and more)  you have a great system and will do incredibly well. As we say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it… Enjoy and have a great week!