Neil Smith started Smith Trading Group in 2013 when his personal trading account beat his own expectations for consistency, low risk and returns.
Neil has a career in financial technology and has worked for some of the leading investment banks & hedge funds (Credit Suisse, Barclay’s Capital, Goldman’s & Man Group to name a few). He has also appeared on US national television series World Business Review & Financial Review Weekly.
He has been trading the markets since 1996 with his first trade being a discounted IPO offer from Orange PLC (The mobile telecommunications company). He sold his shares sometime later for a small profit. Since then he has spent time studying market behavior and various trading systems. In 2000 he dedicated himself to trading futures with a 120% return over an 18 month period.
More recently Neil has focused on FX markets and specifically automating his successful FX strategy – Acorn.
At Smith Trading Group we work on three core principles:
We build relationships based on trust and care for others. We seek quality, and accept accountability.
We do our best to look after our community and the world around us.
We tell the truth, communicate clearly and deliver on all our promises.