How to invest with us…

We maintain a low risk approach to all trades and look to return between 3 ~ 5% each trading month. With the power of compounding those results over several months, quarters or years becomes a medium term way for sizable wealth creation.
Full Acorn G10 Fund details can be found here: Acorn G10 PAMM Prospectus Q1 2018
To open an account with our broker (Alpari) follow these steps
  1. Register yourself using the above link
  2. Transfer funds to your trading account (Monies are converted to US dollars, your bank may charge a small fee for the transfer)
  3. Search for the Acorn FX PAMM account and transfer your monies to the fund
  4. Let us do the rest!
Investing with us is a very simple process and we would like to point out the following first:
You remain in control of your funds at all times. We do not charge joining or exit fee’s from the fund.
We are paid on the overall performance of the fund. Our fees are 20% of total profits – performance fees are collected monthly and should there be a month with no positive return, we do not receive any pay-out. No profit, no share. We believe this is a fair approach versus the traditional method of collecting fees regardless of performance.
An example of how this works is shown below.



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